Zaaps are gates that allow instant travel to other zaaps. They are displayed on the map as white/blue spheres. You can only travel to zaaps which you have previously used. All zaaps cost 100 kamas.

Zaap List

Astrub - Center

Name X Y
Astrub Center 1 1
Temple of Scriptures -6 -6


Name X Y
Crusty Road 11 2
Swords Crossing 14 -13
Traff Algar Square -14 -11
Emelka -9 -29
Amakna Stoodeep Mines


Name X Y
5th Bond Avenue 14 0
Arms Way 21 2
Pancake Bridge 23 -3
Thicket of Yurbut 35 0
Bonta Stoodeep Mines


Name X Y
Weapons Bridge 8 0
Gobblard Boulevard 0 15
Scara Pass 13 -22
Gnashville 6 -37
Brakmar Stoodeep Mines
  • The Stodeep Mines Zaap in Brakmar is linked with the one in Amakna so if you discover one, the other is automatically available.


Name X Y
Gutted Plaza 6 0
Unna Bridge 18 -18
Fiery Walk 9 -16
Steamulating Shore -19 -23
Sufokia Stoodeep Mines


Monk Island0 -15
Shhhudoku's Kingdom3 -7
Forfut0 -4
Lands of Kelba -8 -9
Sadida Kingdom -2 -16
Wild Estate
Calamar Island 3 -11
Chillberg Island 0 -1


Zaaps seem to be inspired by Stargate series.

They were created by the ancient Eliatropes, who were humans that are born alongside dragons.

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