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A timed challenge accepted with an area with the possibility to earn a reward.
A basic insight of a character.
Various subjects all relating to combat such Classes and Monsters.
Details of how the ecosystems work.
Geography & Travel
A list of of the locations on the game and how to travel to the locations.
Details of the background and evolution of Wakfu.
Various subjects related to the game such as Ogrines.
Political & Economy
An overview of the political and economic systems within the game.
Information of the profession systems within the game.
A look at the social aspects of the game.
The quest system explained.
What area of the Wikia would you like to see improved the most?

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Wakfu Wiki News

  • 2017-08-22• New resources and profession updates!! Therefore we have added a new Treebox template to add information for all the available trees in the lumberjack profession.
  • 2016-11-20• Currently working on the ItemWrap template. Some pages might experience some difficulties. It will be fixed in a few hours.
  • 2016-10-11• Currently working on ..→
  • 2008-30-10 • Wakfu Open Beta begins!
  • 2007-03-12 • Wakfu wiki launches.

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