Spell Sadi VoodollVoodoll

Class: Sadida
Unlock level: 4
Type: Summon

Element NeutralSmall
6(4)Action point 2(1)Wakfu point

2-2(4)Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single cell

"The Sadida summons a Totem and links it to a target. Any damage or heal cast on the Totem will be sent to the target."


Spell Information

Summons a voodoll linked to the spell's target

Spell Progression

AP cost 6 54
WP cost2 1
Max Range 2 34

Voodoll Functionality

A Voodoll is linked to the target of the original spell. Anything that is cast on the voodoll also affects that target. Sadida's earth spells often have additional effects when a voodoll is hit by one. If the spell affecting the voodoll also affects the target naturally (due to AoE Effects, etc) then the effect is duplicated, effectively hitting the target twice. All AoE spells hit a voodoll with 50% of their final damage.

The linked target of an active voodoll is shown when mousing-over the voodoll.


  • While the spell's name suggests it is a "doll", it is not treated as such for the purpose of Doll-specific effects (such as Explodoll, or Mudoll) unless noted.
  • If a creature or player is standing on the voodoll, the voodoll will not be affected.
  • A Sadida can only summon one no matter how high their Command is.
  • Can't cast Voodoll on a target when already affected by it.
  • Can't cast Voodoll on a Voodoll.

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