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Profession Trapper

Trapper is a Gathering Profession based on harvesting monsters (e.g. plucking, milking and shearing) to provide materials.

Learning Trapper

The following Clan Members teach the Trapper profession:

Incarnam - Crozolily Meadow: Wolfram
Amakna - Hugo's Meadow: Hugo Bello
Bonta - Monty's Prairie: Monty Bello
Brakmar - Morporg Lands: Mr. M
Sufokia - Tydal Prairie: Hugo Tydal

You can also learn trapper from Clan Members of other nations if they are allied with yours. The clan member can also give back their proffesion's tool in case you dropped it.

Professions Book

The Fearless Trapper
You'll find the essentials about working as a Trapper in this book, and not much else.

A Trapper can practice their profession on any kind of monster.
However, it is a harvesting profession, not a crafting profession.
Apart from this limitation, if desired a Trapper may reintroduce monsters directly into the ecosystem using the seed that they harvest.
Two things can be harvested from a monster:* Seeds, from a living monster.

  • Resources, from either a living monster or a dead one.

Trappers can scatter seed on the ground, causing a group of the monsters concerned to appear.
The only limit to this skill is that seed can only be scattered in the areas which the particular monster family lives.
Alway carry your Hunting Knife to avoid misunderstandings.
Harvested skins can be sold to Artisan Leather Dealers and meat can be sold to Artisan Chefs.


Blunt Cutlass is given to you once you learn Trapper, but you can get better tools to use. Trappers also use tanners to make leather.

Since 1.0 patch on March 28 2012
  • The profession tools have been removed, therefore the Blunt Cutlass is no longer required.


A trapper can harvest the same items from any kind of monster species, but some harvests are exclusive to female mobs. Ex: You can only harvest milk from a Gobbette, and not other types of gobballs.

SpecieImgSeedS. LvlImgHarvestH. LvlImgFemale HarvestF. H. LvlImgCorpseC. Lvl
Gobball (Incarnam) Woolly Seed Woolly Seed0 N/A N/A Woolly Leg Woolly Leg0
Gobball Gobball Seed Gobball Essence0 Gobball Slobber Gobball Slobber 0 Gobbette Milk Gobbette Milk0 Gobball Leg Gobball Leg 5
Piwi Piwi Seed Piwi Feather Piwi Feather 0 Piwilde eggs Piwilde eggs0 Piwi Meat Piwi Meat 5
Bow Meow Bow Meow Seed Bow Meow Hairs Bow Meow Hairs 0 N/A Dead Bow Meow Dead Bow Meow5
Rat N/A Rat-Tattoo Hairs Rat-Tattoo Hairs0 N/A Rat Hair Rat Hair10
Tofu Tofu Seed Tofu Seed5 Tofu Pheromones Tofu Pheromones10 Tofu Egg Tofu Egg10 Tofu Gizzards Tofu Gizzards15
Moogrr Mooggr Seed Mooggr Seed10 N/A Moogrr Milk Moogrr Milk15 Moogrr Filet Moogrr Filet20
Puddly Puddly Seed Puddly Seed10 N/A N/A N/A
Larva N/A Larva Mucus Larva Mucus20 N/A Larva Mucus Larva Mucus20
Strich Strich Seed Strich Seed10 Strich Feather Strich Feather15 N/A Strich Neck Strich Neck20
Scarecrow Scarecrow Seed Scarecrow Seed15 Scary Straw Scary Straw20 N/A Old Knot Old Knot20
Blibli Blibli Seed Blibli Seed15 Blibli Hairs Blibli Hairs25 Glai Milk Glai Milk25 Snout Snout30
Bellaphone Essence of Bellaphone Essence of Bellaphone15 Mixed Herbs Mixed Herbs25 N/A Belchmel Belchmel30
Field Plant Field Plant Seed Field Plant Seed15 Country Slobber Country Slobber25 N/A Country Root Country Root30
Scara Scara Seed Scara Seed15 Sip of Sulfur Sip of Sulfur25 N/A Scarapace Scarapace30
Prespic Prespic Seed Prespic Seed15 Prespic Peak Prespic Peak25 N/A Prespic Paw Prespic Paw30
Arachnee Arachnee Seed Arachnee Essence20 N/A N/A Arachnee Silk Arachnee Silk40
Treechnid Treechnid Seed Treechnid Seed20 Treechnid Sap Treechnid Sap40 N/A Treechnid Amber Treechnid Amber45
Whirligig Whirly Essence Whirly Essence20 Whirly Resin Whirly Resin40 N/A Whirloin Steak Whirloin Steak45
Amphibian Amphibion Essence Amphibion Essence20 Toad Slobber Toad Slobber35 N/A Toad Slobber Toad Slobber35
Moskito Essence of Moskito Essence of Moskito20 Sucked Blood Sucked Blood40 N/A 40px[[]]
Boo Boo Seed Boo Seed20 N/A N/A 40px[[]]
Crobak Crobak Essence Crobak Essence25 Crow Feather Crow Feather50 Crobak Egg Crobak Egg50 Crow Gizzards Crow Gizzards55
Boowolf Boowolf Seed Boowolf Seed25 N/A N/A Boowolf Steak Boowolf Steak55
Kralove Kralove Seed Kralove Seed30 40px[[]] 40px[[]] 40px[[]]60


Trappers can craft a limited set of materials using a Tanner's Workshop.

Notes: The level displayed is the level required to craft the item, and not the item level. Also, all images can be moused over to see the item name, or clicked to go to the item's page.

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