Tofu Blood
Lvl. 10

Dropped Resource

Tradeable Icon
Tofu Blood

"About a hundred Moskitos were crushed to collect this blood!"


Dropped By

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Essence of Blood

Essence of Blood



Sucked Blood Sucked Blood x5
Crobak Blood Crobak Blood x3
Tofu Blood Tofu Blood x10

Hitek Wand

Hitek Wand

Long Distance Weapons Master


Hazel Cutting Hazel Cutting x33
Tofu Blood Tofu Blood x12
Tofu Egg Tofu Egg x23
Raw Ingot Raw Ingot x10

Pepepew Sword

Pepepew Sword

Close Combat Weapons Master


Raw Ingot Raw Ingot x15
Tofu Blood Tofu Blood x22
Sham Pearl Sham Pearl x1
Shadowy Cobalt Shadowy Cobalt x16

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