Tin ore is a crafting material used in a variety of professions and is first available in the starting zone (Astrub) in the Brakmar region. Tin ore is extracted from 'Flat Tin' nodes and requires Miner level 0 to obtain. Flat Tin nodes can also yield Glow Tin Ore, a rarer version of tin that is used in some crafting recipes. Glow Tin is believed to be a 0.1% drop rate although this is unconfirmed.

Tin Ore
Lvl. 1

Miner's Harvest

Tradeable Icon
Tin Ore

"Tin is a soft and heavy metal, a bit like Grandmeow."



Source: Flat Tin
Requires Miner level 0


Tin ore is utilized by the following professions:

Tin Ore is used in the following recipes:


Close-combat Weapons Master

Long-distance Weapons Master

Area-of-Effect Weapons Master



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