Profession Tailor

Tailor is a Crafting Profession that crafts Capes and Headgear.

Learning Tailor

The following Clan Members teach the Tailor profession:
Amakna - Traff Algar Square: Georgiana Marni
Bonta - 5th Bond Avenue: Nina Richa
Brakmar - Scara Pass: Sarko-Phagus
Sufokia - Unna Bridge: Violet Cotton-Socks

You can learn Tailor from any Clan Member as long as your nation is allied with the nation the Clan Member is in.

Professions Book

Measuring Up

First of all, as a tailor you will be practicing a crafting profession. Previously a permit was needed for this profession and you were unable to use harvesting professions; however that is not the case anymore due to an update.

The tailor makes hats and cloaks. He will need to get skins, furs, stems and leaves from the trappers and herbalists.

Once he's gathered all these ingredients, he'll have to head to the nearest tailor's workshop to make his creations using the machines available.

The tailor can also carry out transformation actions: he can refine certain stems and leaves to make textiles.


Tailors use a Tailor Shop to make their hats and capes.

Profession Recipes

Image Item Prof. Lvl Lvl Bonus Recipe
Basic String Basic String



Crowned Thistle Crowned Thistle x10
Coarse Cloath Coarse Cloath



Dendron Flower Dendron Flower x3
Coarse Cloth Coarse Cloth



Reed Stem Reed Stem x5
Orchid Flower Orchid Flower x5
Raw String Raw String



Crowned Thistle Crowned Thistle x3
Larva Skin Larva Skin x3
Red Embroidery Thread Red Embroidery Thread



Flax Flower Flax Flower x10

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