A number of effects allow you to Steal something from a target. The most common form is Life Steal, but others exist. You cannot steal more than a target has.

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Life Steal

This requires the user to do damage to a target. The caster then gains a percentage of that damage, allowing lost HP to be replenished. The HP gained cannot put the caster above their maximum HP. The gain will not be effected by bonuses to Healing.

If the damage dealt is more than is actually needed to kill the target then only a percentage of the needed damage will be taken instead. i.e. less HP will be gained, as they only had a small amount of HP left to steal.

Spells with steal effects

Class SpellEffect
EcaflipElement WaterMediumFlea LoveHP Steal over time
SadidaElement WaterMediumDrainSteals HP to Dolls
Element NeutralSmallDolly SacrificeSteals Doll HP
XelorElement AirMediumTime TheftAP Steal

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