Spell Iop ShowOffShow Off

Class: Iop
Unlock/Evolution level: 5
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"For an Iop, the battlefield is a stage, all set for him to show off. Try to steal his limelight, and he'll make a show of you..."

Level 1:

Spell Information

Grants a damage bonus when an ally critical hits or kills a enemy.

Spell Progression

Ally Crit01234567891011121314151617181920
Ally Kill 0246810121416182022242628303234363840

Iop Elemental Spells:
Spell Iop FlurrySpell Iop EviscerationSpell Iop IntimidationSpell Iop JabsSpell Iop Uppercut
Spell Iop ChargeSpell Iop EarthquakeSpell Iop ImpactSpell Iop RockfallSpell Iop EarthenBlow
Spell Iop CelestialSwordSpell Iop Iops WrathSpell Iop JudgementSpell Iop SuperIopPunchSpell Iop Thunderbolt

Active Support Spells:
Spell Iop BraveryBannerSpell Iop DefensivePostureSpell Iop SquashSpell Iop AmplificationSpell Iop Jump

Passive Support Spells:
Spell Iop AuthoritySpell Iop CompulsionSpell Iop ExpertTacklerSpell Iop Virility

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