Spell Enu ShovelShakerShovel Shaker

Class: Enutrof
Unlock level: 10
Type: Attack

Element EarthMedium
5Action point

1-1Range Icon

AoE:3 Cell Along Line
"The ground cracks in front of the Enutrof, creating a gaping, dangerous crevasse! If there happens to be a Drheller at the end of it, a second tremor will do extra damage."


  • -5(70) HP Element EarthSmall
    • 2nd tremor if Drheller is at the end
  • 5(40)% chance to: -1 max MP


  • -8(105) HP Element EarthSmall
    • 2nd tremor if Drheller is at the end
  • 10(60)% chance to: -1 max MP

Spell Information

Decent area of effect spell which can reduce the MP of several targets. Having a Drheller in the end of the area of effect will cause it to rebound the spell, doubling the damage but not MP loss.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage521375370
1 MP steal chance5%13%22%31%40%
Critical Damage8325680105
1 MP steal chance10%22%35%47%60%


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