Scary Straw
Lvl. 25

Trapper's Harvest

Tradeable Icon
Scary Straw

"If all the scarecrows decided to assert their independence, the peasants would quickly find themselves knee deep in straws!"



Source: Scarecrow
Requires Trapper level 25

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Swiffer Wand

Swiffer Wand

Long Distance Weapons Master


Arachnee Juice Arachnee Juice x5
Birch Cutting Birch Cutting x4
Felch Bread Felch Bread x2
Scary Straw Scary Straw x5

The Urnin

The Urnin

Leather Dealer


25px Basic Leather x5
Barley Straw Barley Straw x38
Puddly Straw Puddly Straw x35
Scary Straw Scary Straw x32

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