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Required Key: Puddly Key

Room 1
Lv. 310
Room 2
Lv. 320
Room 3
Lv. 380
  • 2 Chief Puddly Guard (Lv. 60)
  • 2 Mama Pudd (Lv. 55)
  • 3 Puddly Guard (Lv. 50)
Room 4
Lv. 395
  • 1 Royal Puddly
  • 2 Chief Puddly Guard (Lv. 60)
  • 2 Mama Pudd (Lv. 55)
  • 2 Puddly Guard (Lv. 50)


  • 5 Puddken (100% chance drop from Boss (Royal Puddly))
  • 1 Transmutation 70 (100% chance drop from Boss (Royal Puddly))


This dungeon features the following achievements:


  • This dungeon gives a 20 Wisdom bonus
  • The penalty tiles for this dungeon have 50% chance to spawn a Dinky Puddly randomly onto the field.
  • In the second room a barrel with 300 HP is spawned at the start of the fight and when puddlies pass by it they are healed 10% of their max HP. In the thired room there are 2 barrels, and in the fourth room there are 4.
    • When a barrel is destroyed all the puddlies gain a 30% damage increase from the Dripping Rage state. The state does not stack but also last the rest of the fight.

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