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Spell Eni RevitalizingWordRevitalizing Word

Class: Eniripsa
Unlock level: 11
Type: Heal/Damage/Buff

Element WaterMedium
3Action point

1 - 4Range ModRange Icon

AoE:1 Cell Cross
"Revitalizing Word is a minor spell on an area of effect. It heals anyone, allies and enemies alike."
  • Can also be cast on self



  • Natural: Heals 1(39) HP Element WaterSmall
  • Unnatural:
    • Icon Enemy -3(78) HP Element WaterSmall
    • Icon Ally +5(10)'% Final Damage (max 20%)
      (1 turn)

Spell Progression

Effect Heal19162431
Critical Heal111203039
+Final Damage% 567810


Revitalizing Word has previously appeared in Dofus and Dofus Arena.

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