A Pouch is an object created in battle through Enutrof Water spells. The Pouch contains an items which the targetted creature will normally drop as a reward after combat.


Class Spell
EnutrofElement WaterSmallCutting
Element WaterSmallRascalry


If a player moves onto the cell containing the Pouch then they will pick it up, gaining the Power State (+10% damage for 2 turns) and receiving the item at the end of the battle if it is won. If any non-player unit moves onto the cell (including pets) then the Pouch will be destroyed and adjacent units will take damage equal to the item level. This effect similar to that of the Purge spell.


When a pouch is collected it goes through a PP roll for all the drops the monster that was pouched could drop, starting from the rarest items to the most common items such as Dropped Resources. If the player doesnt succed in dropping any of the item they get a Enutrof Prospecting Candy. This takes into account the PP of the player that picked up the pouch, not the Enutrof that created the pouch.


Broke is a state, placed on a target after it has dropped a Pouch, ensuring that only one item ever drops from each creature in a fight. There are other spells which inflict Broke, but do not cause a Pouch to drop.

Pouch Size

Pouches are created as a small size. The size can be increased using the Purge spell. The increase in size improves the Power bonus when collected (+30% damage for 2 turns) and the quality of the item it contains.

However, if the Purge spell is used a second time on the large Pouch then it will explode causing damage to anything nearby.