State Nettled


Lvl. 1-10
State Stack

The dolls become furious and go berserk on the target.

  • +10(100) Damage Element WaterSmall
  • +5(50) Damage Element AirSmall
  • +5(50) chance of removing AP/MP
  • +0(3) MP
  • 10(100)% chance: Stabilizes the target

Nettled is a State, with stacking.

Nettled effect

Element WaterSmall Damage%102030405060708090100
Element AirSmall Damage%5101520253035404550
AP/MP removal chance%5101520253035404550
MP 0 1 23
Stabilization Chance%102030405060708090100


When applied to doll this state improves each one of a Sadida's dolls in a different way. The water damage bonus increases the Greedy's attacks and the Inflatable's healing. The Air damage bonus increases the Ultra-Powerful's attack and any doll the Sadida decides to place his air spells on. The increased AP/MP removal chance increases the Letargic's/Madoll's abilities, and the chance to stabilize makes sure your Blocks lock down enemies by not allowing them to push them away. The MP bonus helps all doll reach their targets.


Class Spell
SadidaElement NeutralSmallSic'Em More
Element NeutralSmallGreen Guard