Mini-Wakfu is a television series based on the Wakfu television series. Each episode contains one or more secrets that can be found in Dofus, Wakfu and Wakfu Les Gardiens.

List of episodes and secrets

  1. Une blanquette pour Tristepin - Brioche à la viande de Bouftou (crafted by Gastronomy level 70/85/100)
  2. Forêt sombre - Abragland (dropped from Treechnids)
  3. Jorbak le bourgeois - Fantôme de Jorbak (Emelka Cemetery)
  4. Soyons moches - Potion Crapaud-Muflante (crafted by Medicine level 55)
  5. Splotch le flaqueux ! - Parchemin de Persimol (Mork)
  6. Sales goules - Chauve-Souris (Ohm Cemetery -81,-128)
  7. Secrets de (vieilles) filles - Potion Kibronz (crafted by Medicine level 55) and Potion Kipu (crafted by Medicine level 65)
  8. Ô ma mie ! - Monstre-Pain Maudit (crafted by Bakery level 60/75/90)
  9. Les aventuriers du sac troué - Phorreur (Sevamor Mine)
  10. Allez les rouges ! - Casque de Boufbowl (crafted by Adornments level 70)
  11. No episode
  12. No episode
  13. Le vieil homme est amer - Kamapêche (crafted by Wooden Weaponry level 90)
  14. Le prince de la jungle - Bananagrumes are available.
  15. Je "crac" pour toi - Unknown
  16. Les fins gourmets - Chapain (crafted by Bakery level 60/75/90)
  17. L'art brute - Chapeau de Fourrure (crafted by Adornments level 65)
  18. Ruel vide son sac - Insigne de Bizutage is used to make Amulette de l'Insigne
  19. Victime de la mode - Phéromones de Tofu is used to make Cape Tofu aux Phéromones
  20. Le blues de l'enutrof - Coffre (Mork Mines)
  21. Les cawottes sont cuites - Boisson de Fwaicheuw (crafted by Drinks level 160/175//190)
  22. Le dessert du désert - Unknown
  23. Un bon chienchien - Sac Ripant (crafted by Leather Goods level 90)
  24. Corbacatac - Complete Celestial Gobball Dungeon with full Panoplie du Corbac equipped
  25. Mission impossible - Unknown
  26. La cérémonie des boufdors - Fée d'Artifice Festive (crafted by Illusionism level 150/165/180)

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