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Profession Miner

This is a Gathering Profession based on gathering gems, minerals and ores from rocks.

Learning Miner

The following Clan Members teach the miner profession:
Amakna - Holey Forest: Jaffin
Bonta - Kara: Baal Stroud
Brakmar - Brakmar Village: Jonk Wincey
Sufokia - Terrana Dune: Billon Stroud

You can also learn miner from Clan Members of other nations if they are allied with yours. The clan member can also give back their profession's tool in case you dropped it.

Professions Book

For the miners who never get undermined

A good miner doesn't just stick his pick anywhere. He learns by carefully observing nature.
Either that or he reads this book, to save a bit of time.
A miner is interested in one thing, and one thing only, ores (of minerals or precious stones), and his is also a harvesting profession.
It is, therefore, essential to know how to recognize them, so keep your eyes open.
Once you're in front of these deposits, you will be able to harvest the mineral directly using your pick.
The deposits will regenerate by themselves after a while. If you watch closely, you'll see that the different minerals take different lengts of time.
Just don't expect a Gold deposit to reappear as quickly as an Iron deposit!

You will need to have your pick with you at all times. Make sure you don't forget it, there's nothing more undermining than standing before a nice gold deposit with no way to get at it.

Remember that certain minerals and precious stones can be refined by a Polisher. These machines tend to be found in the mines, it's not a job to be done in the middle of the forest!


Warning: The following text is a spoiler, select it to read:

1) What does a miner harvest? --> Ores and precious stones.

2) Which of the items harvested by a miner can be used in a chef's recipes? --> Salt.

3) Which crafting profession uses metals? --> Weapons master and kama minter.


Miners need to use a miner pick in order to harvest ores.

Since 1.0 patch on March 28 2012
  • The profession tools have been removed, therefore the miner pick is no longer required.


Miners can use a Polisher to craft items and polish stones.


Here are the resources that can be harvested with the miner profession:

ImageLevelNameHarvested From
Iron Ore 0 Iron Ore Primitive Iron (rock)
Finest Sea Salt 10 Finest Sea Salt Finest Sea Salt (rock)
Classic Carbon 15 Classic Carbon Classic Carbon (rock)
Copper Ore 20 Copper Ore Bright Copper (rock)
Shadowy Cobalt 25 Shadowy Cobalt Shadowy Cobalt (rock)
Bronze Nugget 30 Bronze Nugget Bronze Nugget (rock)
Shard of Flint 35 Shard of Flint Shard of Flint (rock)
Grainy Manganese 40 Grainy Manganese Grainy Manganese (rock)
Dark Carbon 45 Dark Carbon Dark Carbon (rock)
Blood Red Amethyst 50 Blood Red Amethyst Vein of Amethyst
Wholesome Zinc Wholesome Zinc Wholesome Zinc (rock)
Rugged Quartz 55 Rugged Quartz Rugged Quartz (rock)
Hazy Lead Ore 60 Hazy Lead Ore Hazy Lead (rock)
65 Silver Ore Silver (rock)
70 Royal Bauxite Royal Bauxite (rock)
Shiny Silver Ore Silver (rock)
75 Sovereign Titanium Sovereign Titanium (rock)  
Pure Bauxite Royal Bauxite (rock)
80 Grievous kroomium Grievous kroomium (rock)
Foreal Titanium Sovereign Titanium (rock)
85 Blood Red Amethyst Blood Red Amethyst (rock)
Flamboyant Kroomium Grievous kroomium (rock)
Double Carat Sapphire 90 Double Carat Sapphire Double Carat Sapphire (rock)
Dragonheart Amethyst Blood Red Amethyst (rock)
95 Dull Sapphire Double Carat Sapphire (rock)


Notes: The level displayed is the level required to craft the item, and not the item level. Also, all images can be moused over to see the item name, or clicked to go to the item's page.

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