Spell Enu MeteorMeteor

Class: Enutrof
Unlock level: 2
Type: Damage

Element FireMedium
2Action point

3-3 No LoSRange Icon
AoE:Single target

"The Enutrof makes a huge burning rock fall from the sky! It's especially impressive if he targets a mine, which could inflict damage all over the targeted area!"


  • -2(31) HP Element FireSmall
  • if cast on a Mine:
    • Square AoE: -2(31) HP Element FireSmall


  • -3(46) HP Element FireSmall
  • if cast on a Mine:
    • Square AoE
      : -3(46) HP Element FireSmall

Spell Information

Deals damage, with an added AoE effect when cast on a Mine. The spell does not require Line of Sight to be cast.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage29162331
Critical Damage313243546

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