State Merry


Lvl. 1-100
State Stack

Burning inflicts fire damage at the end of the target's turn

+1(100)% Damage, +0(2) MP Movement point, +0(2) AP Action point, When removed: Worn Out

Merry is a State, with Stacking.


Merry is a state exclusive to the Pandawa Class. A Pandawa gains 1 level of Merry at the end of any turn where they are holding their Barrel. Pandawa can also gain a level of Merry by casting Bamboozle on their Barrel.

Merry only lasts 1 turn, unless it is reapplied. If this is done, the total rank increases. For example, if a Pandawa drinks for 5 turns, they will have be Merry5 with 1 turn remaining.


A number of spells gain benefits while the caster is in the Merry state.

Element EarthSmallPandawhack+Damage
Element EarthSmallBash BarrelAccelerated
Element EarthSmallLactic Acid+Resist%
Element EarthSmallBlisskrieg+Dodge
Element NeutralSmallMaster of Merriment+Max HP%

The following table shows the amount of each bonus per level of Merry.

Spell Bonus per Merry lvl.
Bash Barrel+2% chance Accelerated
Pandawhack+1 Damage Element EarthSmall
Blisskrieg+2 Dodge
Lactic Acid+2 %Resist Element NeutralSmall
Master of Merriment+20% Max HP (each 5lvls.)

Worn Out state

Worn Out

The Worn Out State.

When the Merry state ends, the Pandawa gains the Worn Out state, equal in rank to the Merry state when it ended.

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