Merchant Haven-Gem
Lvl. 1

Havenbag Gem

Tradeable Icon
Merchant Haven-Gem

"The Merchant Haven gem: For adventurers who have trading in the blood, but jelly in the knees!"

Used to add space in a Haven Bag. Lets you add windows to display and sell items to other players while you are inside your Haven Bag, or when you log off while inside it. Some members of the government can set taxes to certain territories so you have to pay a certain percentage of the total prices you place for your items. The items you put in display windows can also be bought even if your haven bag is locked.


Dropped By

Given By

  • Received as a reward for completing the dungeon achievement Scarateka (Abandoned Scarapit) - Final.

Selling Items

Players can sell items from their Haven Bag by placing a Display Window on a space in this kind of gem in their bag. The right-click menu for such windows includes the option "manage window display". This provides an interface in which players may drag-and-drop items from their personal inventory and set prices.

If an item is successfully sold, and entry will be added to the history console in the unchangeable base gem area of the bag. Additionally, if the item is sold while the player is logged out, a message will display upon logging in to that character of selling X number of items for a total of X kamas. Further details can be learned from the console.

Only one character may be selling items at a time, and the player must be either logged in to that character inside their Haven Bag or completely logged out of that game, with the chosen character having been inside their bag at the time of log-out.

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