Mark spells are the fire elemental spells of the Eniripsa class. If a marked target dies a effect takes place depending on which mark it was marked with. This effect is granted to the one who kills the target, not specifically the original caster of the Mark spell.

Once a creature or player is marked, the mark lasts for infinite turns unless it is unbewitched by a spell such as Eniraser or replaced with another mark.

Only one mark can be active at any time on the same character, even if it is the same mark. Casting a new one will remove the old one and any bonuses it was providing. They last until death triggers their effect, or until another Mark is cast on the same target.

Types of Marks

Sadist Mark gain HP
Traid Mark gain WP
Hammle Mark gain MP
Refund Mark refunds AP cost
Rebirth Mark revives target for 1 turn

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