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Line of Sight is a restriction for most spells. These spells can only be cast on a target that the caster has an unobstructed view of. Other creatures and static objects in the combat area can block this.

No LoS Spell

Only a handful of spells do not need Line of Sight to hit a target and have a substantial enough range to benefit from this.

Class Spell
CraElement EarthMediumSeismic Beacon
Element FireMediumIncandescent Beacon
Element AirMediumWindy Beacon
Element AirMediumPlaguing Arrow
EcaflipElement AirMediumPlayful Claw
EniripsaElement WaterMediumRevitalizing Word
Element NeutralSmallWord of Resurrection
SacrierElement NeutralSmallTransposition
Element NeutralSmallGift of Life

Obstructing Sight

A number of effects allow you place objects into a fight to obscure the Line of Sight. This can be used defensively, though unless you have some attacks which do not need LoS, you can often find yourself at the same disadvantage.

Class Spell
CraElement EarthMediumSeismic Beacon
Element FireMediumIncandescent Beacon
EniripsaElement FireMediumConey Mark
SramElement NeutralSmallDouble
XelorElement AirMediumSinistro
Element FireMediumHydrand


  • "Line of Sight" is often shortened to "LoS".

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