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Control is a Characteristic.

Control defines the number of summoned creatures and mechanisms you can have in play at one time. Specific classes may have further summoning restrictions. Sometimes this can be increase through class specialties and equipment.

These include :

  • Osamoda summoners
  • Sadidia dolls
  • Xelor summons
  • Rogue bombs & bombot
  • Sram traps
  • Foggernaut cybot & mircobots
  • Cra beacons

Control also increases the amount of Glyphs or Armours a Feca can place at one time.

Base Value

  • All classes have a base value of 1 Control.


However, there's a limit of level for monster Osamodas can summon.

Level + ( Level * Control / 8 )

Ex: A level 50 Osamodas with 5 control

50 + ( 50 * 5 / 8 )

50 + ( 50 * 0,625 )

50 + 31,25


This means the Osamodas can summon 2 level 40 monsters, or one level 35 and the other level 45 and so on.

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