When a character's HP becomes 0, he becomes Knocked Out.

Death Timer

A Knocked Out character will then have 3 turns before they die. They cannot act, move, or be healed.

If they are damaged again by any source within this duration, their remaining time is reduced by 1 turn (effectively they will die sooner). If combat is won before this time-limit is up, after combat, that character can continue on without respawning from a Phoenix Statue with 1 HP remaining. If everyone in the group gets Knocked Out, that battle will be lost.


If the death timer ran out for any reason, that character will die. Dead characters will be removed from combat, but they can still spectate the current battle. Their Current HP will become 1, and if they're at least level 15, they will be penalized by the De Darm state. They can either respawn from a Phoenix Statue or get resurrected by someone else using a KenKO.


Some spells take effect only when a character gets Knocked Out or killed. Most can resurrect the character temporarily. Only the Eniripsa spell Eniraser can resurrect a character completely, albeit with some penalties.

Eniripsa Element FireMedium Sadist Mark KO: Killer gains HP
Element FireMedium Traid Mark KO: Killer gains WP
Element FireMedium Hammle Mark KO: Killer gains AP
Element FireMedium Refund Mark KO: Killer Damage, AP, MP and WP Refund
Element FireMedium Rebirth Mark KO: Killer gains control over defeated opponent
Element NeutralSmall Eniraser Removes negative states and resurrects the target
Ecaflip Element NeutralSmall Ecaflip's Tarot If: God Ouginak card, then God Ecaflip card. Resurrects the Ecaflip if he get's KOed
EnutrofElement NeutralSmallFaking ItLow Health: Fake KO
SacrierElement NeutralSmallClinging to LifeKO: Delay KO til next turn
SadidaElement NeutralSmallLone SadidaKO: Become an Ultrapowerful Doll for the rest of the battle
XelorElement NeutralSmallMummificationFor 1 turn, revive and control a KOed target


  • "Knocked Out" is often shortened to "KO" or "KOed".