A Kama Minting Machine

Workshop Kama Minting Machine

Kama Minting Machines are workshops used to craft Kamas by Kama Minters.


They can be found in every city at the bank, and also some other places:


Location X Y
Amakna Village -5 0
Fertile Prairie 14 -7


Location X Y
5th Bond Avenue 9 1
Arms Way 20 3
Cania Plains 6 3
Pancake Bridge 20 -1


Location X Y
Fiery Walk 11 -14
Gutted Plaza 7 -1
Terrana Dune 12 0
Unna Bridge 16 -20


Location X Y
Mourning Wood 6 -7
Pabong Fields -8 -16
-7 -20
Sidimote Moors 4 -23

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