Profession Jeweler

Jeweler is a crafting profession, used to create rings and necklaces.

Learning Jeweler

The following Clan Members teach the Jeweler profession:
Amakna - Traff Algar Square: Georgiana Marni
Bonta - 5th Bond Avenue: Nina Richa
Brakmar - Scara Pass: Sarko-Phagus
Sufokia - Unna Bridge: Violet Cotton-Socks

You can learn jeweler from any Clan Member as long as your nation is allied with the nation the Clan Member is in. The Clan member can also give back their proffesion's tool in case you dropped it.

Professions Book

Looking after the Family Jewels

First of all, as a Jeweler you will be doing a crafting profession. Previously a permit was needed for this profession and you were unable to use harvesting professions; however that is not the case anymore due to an update.

The Jeweler makes amulets and rings. The main ingredient he'll need will be stones which he can get from Miners.

Once he's gathered all these ingredients, he has to go to the nearest Setter to make his creations using the machines available.


Warning: The following text is a spoiler, select it to read:

1) Ok, let's get on with it. What are the main ingredients a jeweller will use for his creations? -> Gemstones.

2) Good, and which artisan can provide these stones? -> A miner.

3) Let's continue: What does a jeweller make? -> Amulets and rings.

4) And finally, where does a jeweller make his recipes? -> A jeweler's.


Jewellers use a Setter for crafting. For locations of setters, see: Setter

Profession Recipes

Image Item Prof. Lvl Lvl Bonus Recipe
Bitter Amulet Bitter Amulet



Crabby Anchovies Crabby Anchovies x3
Ruby Stone Ruby Stone x1
25px Copper (Mineral) x3
Eco Fiber Eco Fiber x3
45px Gem-Encrusted Circle



Silver Ore Silver Ore x2
Sovereign Titanium Sovereign Titanium x1
Royal Bauxite Royal Bauxite x2
Iron Circle Iron Circle



Iron Ore Iron Ore x5
Precious Circle Precious Circle



Bronze Nugget Bronze Nugget x2
Shadowy Cobalt Shadowy Cobalt x3
Subtle Clasp Subtle Clasp



Classic Coal Classic Coal x5

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