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Each Nation has a Jail. This is where Criminals end up if they are defeated in player versus player combat and thus resulting in being sent to jail, or turn themselves in.

Once incarcerated, a criminal becomes a Prisoner, and they must spend an amount of time in jail to pay off their negative Citizenship Points. This amount of time can also be directly reduced by performing actions while incarcerated by collecting Clinks and turning them into Community Service Containers.


Each nation's jail is located to the right in its headquarters.


  1. You can break out of prison by assembling (making up a recipe) a tool (Rock Lime) with 5 pieces of Krakotte and 3 Rat-Tattoo Hairs on Community Service assembling points inside a prison. After crafting Rock Lime you can use it on manholes on the walls to make your way out of incarceration.
  1. If a player decides to escape from prison before their character's remaining incarceration time, they will escape from prison with their remaining minus CP. In this case they will remain an Outlaw with "escaped" status.
  2. The Pebles are Crafted from the Krakotte Ore you smash off the Stone Walls; 15 of them is needed to Make the 5 Pebbles. (3 ore per Pebble)


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