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CM Jaffin

Jaffin is the Clan Member of Holey Forest, in Amakna. He teaches the Miner profession.

Clan Member Information

  • Job: Miner
  • Sex: Indeed
  • Height: Rather tall
  • Weight: I've lost weight
  • Place of Birth: In a tsetse plant
  • Hobby: Meditation
  • Hates: Waking up
  • Specialty: Sleep-cooking


Will Bonus

Being a Clan Member, Jaffin has his own will, if respected, the following Bonus will be available in his zone, the Holey Forest.

ClanMemberMoodHappy +4 Elemental MasteryElement Physical, +10 HPHealth point
ClanMemberMoodNeutral +4 Elemental MasteryElement Physical, +10 HPHealth point
ClanMemberMoodSadNo Bonus

Jaffin's Will

To respect Jaffin's will, certain monsters and resources must respect these parameters.

Jaffin's will:
Icon Tree: 600 to 800Icon Crackler: 250 to 400

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