The governor of a Nation can change his status of relationship with other nations.

If the governor can declare war on another nation, the effect takes place instantly, but if he wants to change the status to neutral, the governors of both involved nations need to propose a truce. The governor can also offer an alliance, where the other governor needs to accept the alliance for the two nations to become allied. Breaking an alliance also takes place instantly.

There are three relationships that can be between different nations:

  • Neutral: A citizen may travel freely within any Nation which has a Neutral relationship with his own. However, if he upsets the ecosystem, no matter how slightly, he could become an enemy of the Nation. If this happens, he can be attacked and sent back to the border.
  • Allied: Citizens of allied nations can walk freely and carry out actions, as long as respecting local laws.
  • Enemy: If a citizen enters a enemy nation, he can be attacked and sent back to the border.

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