Spell Enu HotMagmaHot Magma

Class: Enutrof
Unlock level: 10
Type: Damage

Element FireMedium
6Action point 1Wakfu point

1-3Range Icon

AoE:4-Cell Along Line
"The Enutrof invokes a torrent of molten lava. If it hits a cell containing a mine, a volcano is created and the surrounding area is bombarded."


  • Deals 8(110) Damage Element FireSmall
  • If there's a Mine in the Area of Effect:
    • 2-Cell Circle AoE: Deals 1(21) Damage Element FireSmall


  • Deals 12(165) Damage Element FireSmall
  • If there's a Mine in the Area of Effect:
    • 2-Cell Circle AoE
      : Deals 2(32) Damage Element FireSmall

Spell Information

Deals damage, with a long AoE. If it strikes a Mine, a large area of damage is triggered. when aiming at a mine, you will damage yourself if you stand inside the target area.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage8335984110
Mine Damage16111621
Critical Damage125088126165
Mine Damage29172432


  • If the intial Line Area of Effects covers multiple Mines, then a Circle AoE is place on each of those Mine. This can potentially be a very large area.

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