The Gobball Dungeons are a series of different named Dungeons with a Gobball theme. The Gobball dungeon is named as 'Gobball Pastures' ingame.


Gobball Dungeons are found in all Nations.

1 Woolly Key is required to enter each time. Level required to enter: 20



Room 1 Gobball Dungeon Room 1
Room 2 Gobball Dungeon Room 2
Room 3 Gobball Dungeon Room 3
Room 4 Gobball Dungeon Room 4
Room 5 Gobball Dungeon Room 5
Room 6 Gobball Dungeon Room 6


  • Cutting down the Hazel Tree in Room 3 allows access to a chest containing 10 Piwibread. This chest can only be used once.

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