This article contains content that has been removed from the game and is only kept for historical purposes.
Spell Eca FleechesFleeches

Class: Ecaflip
Unlock level: 7
Type: Glyph

Element WaterMedium
4 Action point 1 Wakfu point

1 - 4Range ModRange Icon

AoE:3 cell circle
"The Ecaflip throws his fleas onto the ground. When an enemy takes damage in their area of effect, the fleas will launch themselves on it to suck its blood and cause extra damage."


  • Place a Fleeches Glyph
  • When damage is inflicted on Fleeches
  • When the Fleeches disapear:
    • Ecaflip regains +1 WP

Spell Information

Fleeches places a large glyph on the battlefield. If an opponent suffers damage on the glyph then HP is stolen and transfered to the attacker. This effect is triggered only once per tile. Fleeches ends on the ecaflip's next turn and returns the WP cost.

Spell Progression



  • If you place this glyph, and then attack a target they receive your attack plus the Fleeches damage. If you can attack another target, within the same turn, or subsequent turns, as long as the Fleeches glyph is present, your attack gains additional Fleeches damage, once for each additional target you have previous attacked with Fleeches in this way.
  • Moskitos and tsu tsus can cancel the glyph if the caster is attacked.

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