Spell Enu EmberEmber

Class: Enutrof
Unlock level: 4
Type: Damage

Element FireMedium
2Action point 1 Movement point

1-2Range ModRange Icon

"The Enutrof throws a handful of stones around him. If one of the cells hit is a a mine, the stones become embers and can inflict the Explosion state on targets."




Lvl. 1-100

This state doesn't stack

Explosion inflicts the target with Fire damage.

1-100 (7%-72% Chance)


  • -5(60) HP Element FireSmall
  • if Mine: Explosion1-100 (14%-100% Chance)

Spell Information

Deals damage, with a small AoE (upside down V). If it strikes a Mine, it causes Burning.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage312213040
Explosion Chance%723395572
Explosion Lv0255075100
Explosion damage28142027
Critical Damage518324660
Explosion Chance%14355778100
Explosion Lv15365778100
Explosion damage511162127


  • If a Mine is anywhere within the AoE, then Explosion is inflicted on all cells within the AoE. Not just the cell that contains the Mine.
  • If two Mines are anywhere within the AoE, then double the listed level of Explosion is inflicted. Triple for three mines. It may be a bug.
  • Sometimes the AoE will expand to two more cells when there is a mine in the original AoE. This is probably a bug.

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