When pressing "W" in game, the ecology of the current location will be shown.

Many area's of the game have ecosystems which are dynamic environments. The world isn't fixed, resources won't always appear in the same place. It's up to the players to control the number of monsters and plants, or even the climate. The players can, therefore, be destructive (Stasis Orientated) or beneficial (Wakfu Orientated) and decide what will become of their ecosystem.

Ecology consist of many elements:

  • Clan Members: NPCs who control an area or territory, players can change the ecosystem to satisfy the Clan Member's Will in order to gain bonuses within the area.
  • Ecologist and Weather Engineer: Positions within a nation's government that affect the monster and plant life in a territory. Ecologist are able to Reintroduce and Protect species in order to keep the ecosystem in balance while the Weather Engineer is able to change the weather in a territory to accommodate certain plants in order for them to grow.
  • Monsters: Creatures that inhabit the territory

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