Spell Sadi DollSacrificeDolly Sacrifice

Class: Sadida
Unlock level: 3
Type: Unsummoning/Heal

Element NeutralSmall
4(1)Action point

1-1(6)Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single cell

"The Sadida sacrifices one his Dolls and recovers a percentage of its Health Points, as well as the Wakfu Point it cost him to summon it. This spell does not trigger Explodoll."


  • if Doll Icon Doll:
    • Removes it from combat
    • Heals the Sadida for (0.005(0.135)×Lv.)% of his HP
    • Summons a Doll Seed
  • if Voodoll Icon Voodoll: Destroys the Voodoll
  • if Seed Icon Seed:
    • Destroys the Seed
    • Refunds the spell cost
    • +1 WP to the Sadida

Spell Information

Can be used to turn a Doll back into a Seed while healing yourself, destroy a Voodoll, or destroy a doll seed in order to regain your WP.

Spell Progression

AP Cost4333322221
Max Range1122334455
Line of Sight YesNo
HP% Regain0.0050.0150.0300.0450.0600.0750.0900.1050.1200.135

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