Spell Sadi DollLinkDoll Link

Class: Sadida
Unlock/Evolution level: 3
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"In an act of ultimate symbiosis, the Sadida links his health to that of his Voodoll. Part of the damage he recieves will be redirected to his Doll."

Level 1:

Spell Information

When the Sadida is attack some of the damage is redirected to his voodoll.

Spell Progression



  • The damage is still reduced from the Sadida even if no voodoll is summoned.

Sadida Elemental Spells:
Spell Sadi GustSpell Sadi KmirSpell Sadi PoisonedWindSpell Sadi ColdHitSpell Sadi WoodScent
Spell Sadi BrambleSpell Sadi EarthquakeSpell Sadi FertilizerSpell Sadi MassBrambleSpell Sadi WildGrass
Spell Sadi DrainSpell Sadi MudoolSpell Sadi RustSpell Sadi SadidasTearSpell Sadi Vaporize

Active Support Spells:
Spell Sadi DollSpell Sadi DollSacrificeSpell Sadi SicEmMoreSpell Sadi TreeSpell Sadi Voodoll

Passive Support Spells:
Spell Sadi ExplodollSpell Sadi GreenGuardSpell Sadi DollKnowledgeSpell Sadi LoneSadida

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