Spell Iop DefensivePostureDefensive Stance

Class: Iop
Unlock level: 3
Type: Reaction

Element NeutralSmall
3(2)Action point

0Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"Rather than rushing headlong into battle, the Iop takes a defensive stance, which gives it the chance to quash spells cast in close combat - even those not directed at it."


Spell Information

Quash enemy spells cast from adjacent tiles, regardless of whether or not you are the target.

Spell Progression

AP Cost 32

Iop Elemental Spells:
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Spell Iop ChargeSpell Iop EarthquakeSpell Iop ImpactSpell Iop RockfallSpell Iop EarthenBlow
Spell Iop CelestialSwordSpell Iop Iops WrathSpell Iop JudgementSpell Iop SuperIopPunchSpell Iop Thunderbolt

Active Support Spells:
Spell Iop BraveryBannerSpell Iop SquashSpell Iop AmplificationSpell Iop Jump

Passive Support Spells:
Spell Iop AuthoritySpell Iop CompulsionSpell Iop ExpertTacklerSpell Iop ShowOffSpell Iop Virility

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