Osamodas Spell CrobakCrobak

Class: Osamodas
Unlock level: 0
Type: Attack

Element AirMedium
3 Action point

2-5No LoSRange ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"Crobak is a minor spell which is easy to cast and which can reach targets without a line of sight. Handy for hunting enemies from a safe hiding place."



  • -3(81) HP Element AirSmall
  • Dragon form Icon DragonForm: +1(15)% Critical Failures

Spell Information

Crobak is an Osamodas spell. A cheap attack spell with long range, low damage but not restricted by line of sight.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage215284154
Critical Damage322426181
Critical Failures Chance%1481115

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