Crafting Workshops are structures used by Professions in the crafting of items.

Each profession has a specific workshop associated with them.

Area of Effect Weapons MasterArea of Effect Weapons ForgeLevel 90
ArmorerArmorer's workshopLevel 55
Baker Bread OvenLevel 65
ChefStoveLevel 70
Root beer pumpNo
Close Combat Weapons MasterClose Combat Weapons ForgeLevel 80
FarmerMillstoneLevel 50
FishermanHook tableLevel 50
HandymanWood LatheLevel 75
HerbalistDistilleryLevel 50
JewelerSetterLevel 60
Kama MinterKama Minting MachineNo
Leather Dealer Leather ShopLevel 95
Long Distance Weapons MasterLong Distance Weapons ForgeLevel 85
LumberjackSawmillLevel 50
MinerPolisherLevel 50
TailorTailor's workshopLevel 100
Trapper TannerLevel 50
* Some workshops are craftable by a Handyman and can be placed inside a Haven Bag.

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