Country Scalp
Lvl. 20

Dropped Resource - Pet Food

Tradeable Icon
Country Scalp

"Because you're worth it."

These pets eat Country Scalp

Image Pet

Tufty Tofu

Tufty Tofu


Dropped By

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Alpha Predator Cloak

Alpha Predator Cloak



[[File:{{{ing1}}}.png|25px]] [[{{{ing1}}}]] x{{{ing1q}}}

25px Imperfect Sparkling Powder x24
Alpha Predator Cloak Alpha Predator Cloak x1
Dry Branch Dry Branch x1
25px Imperfect Souper Glou x15
Country Scalp Country Scalp x7
Imperfect String Imperfect String x3

Rosy Pouch

Rosy Pouch

Leather Dealer


Country Scalp Country Scalp x21
Sweet Nectar Sweet Nectar x3
Rose Petal Rose Petal x38
Raw Leather Raw Leather x12

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