Spell Enu CombatTrainingCombat Training

Class: Enutrof
Unlock/Evolution level: 5
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"Thanks to Combat Training, you can make your cute little Drheller evolve into a ferocious warrior!"

Level 1:

Spell Properties

Drheller gains Combat Trained state that increases the Drheller HP, Damage and Resist. At higher levels the spell unlocks first the Drheller Claws spell and then the ability to put a Flaming State on the Dreller and at highest level of Comat Training the Drheller's claws spell will reduce 1 MP.

Spell Progression

LevelState Effect
5 Unlocks Drheller Claws spell
10 Drheller Claws applies Flaming state
20 Drheller Claws applies Bound state

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