Combat is an important part of playing the game. Wakfu's combat is turn based. Some Commands and Shortcuts can be made during Combat.

Entering Combat

Starting a Fight

Vs Players (PvP): A fight can be started against another player in one of two ways: a duel or an aggression. When right clicking a player you have the option of challenging them to duel (which they can agree/consent to or decline), which is shown by the crossed swords button, or attacking them and starting a fight without their permission, which is shown by the single sword button. When aggressing another you may or may not lose Citizenship Points depending on the laws of your nation, you may also not be able to aggress the player at all due to the territory you are currently in.

Vs Monsters (PvE/PvM): Starting a fight with a monster is very similar to starting a fight with another player but has a few restrictions:

  1. When there is not enough space around you and the monsters the game can not make a viable map for you to fight on.
  2. When you are too far away from a monster/group of monsters you will not be able to start the fight.
  3. The one of the monsters in group you are trying to attack is interacting with the environment.

Joining a Fight

Joining fights is about the same for PvP and PvE. The only difference between the two is that you can not join a monster's side in a PvE fight. In order to join a fight, you must right click one of the players on the side of the fight you want to join and click the corresponding button. You may not be able to join a fight due to it being locked by a member of the side you want to join. You will also be automatically asked to join a fight if one of you party members near you starts a fight.

The Start of a Battle

After starting or joining a battle and before the turn based battle begins you have 30 seconds to change your starting position from a few selected squares and the initial direction your are facing. If you facing another player he/she too can change his/her position

Turned based Battle

Time Flow

Turns are indicated by the turn indicator in the right part of the screen. The selected player (at the bottom of the indicator) is given 30 seconds to act before their turn ends. After it does, it's the next person's (above) turn.

Combat Sphere

You can move to square tiles inside a chess board combat sphere with obstacles and sometimes height differences. To move 1 step forward, backwards, left or right cost 1 movement point. Very high obstacles and height difference block the Line of Sight for many Spells while low obstacles only block from moving to or through the area. Sometimes obstacles and height difference can make it harder to target things/tiles.

Mostly there are Penalty Tiles at the very edges of the combat sphere. These give a penalty if moved to or being pushed to. Around a combat sphere is a wall that will give damage if Pushed into.


Each Character starts with 3 Movement Points (MP) to use on their turn. This may be increased (or decreased!) through various Items, spending Skill Points and as well as other effects. Each Monster has a different set number of movement points based upon their family and level.

Many Spells cause a player or monster to lose movement points. Certain spells cause players or monsters to gain extra MP.

The movement counter is reset at the end of their turn.


A character starts with 6 Action Points which they can spend to perform as many actions (casting a spell or attacking in melee) as they can within the given timeframe. Like movement points, action points can be increased or decreased depending on the character's Equipment, spending a lot of Skill Points or through abilities like Xelors Devotion spell. Each Monster has a different set number of action points based upon their family and level.

The action point counter is reset at the end of their turn.

Wakfu Points can also be spent for performing actions within the given timeframe. There are also a few action that cost combinations of action points, movement points and wakfu points.

The Wakfu point counter does not however reset at the end of their turn.

Speed Bonus

During a fight, each participant can get a Speed Bonus every 3 turns. Players have a set of 6 bonuses to choose from, while monsters each have different bonuses.

End conditions

A battle can end as a victory, a loss, or a surrender.


You win a battle when all of the enemies on the field have their Health Points reduced to zero. After winning the battle you will receive a certain amount of Experience Points and Items, which will be divided among party members based upon their Level and Prospecting.

Each team member's Prospecting is used to test for each item, however the total Prospecting level of all team members determines which items are tested for after the battle. Each item has a Prospecting value that must be met before it is tested for, and rare items generally have a higher Prospecting value than one character alone can meet.


You lose a battle when your Health Points are reduced to zero. You can choose to revive at the Phoenix Statue where you last save with only 1 Health Point. If you disconnect from the game during a battle and you have teammates that are alive you can reconnect, but if the battle ends before you do, you lose the battle.

In a team battle if someone is knocked out (K.O.) he/she will not die until he/she has passed for 3 turns. If the rest of the teammates win the battle before those 3 turns are over, the K.O. person will also win the battle. However, if the K.O. person is hit he/she will die on his/hers next turn. (The turns of a K.O. person are not shown in the turn indicator but the amount of turns left is shown when your cursor is dragged on him/her.) If all of the teammates in the battle are K.O. the battle is lost.


If you are in a hopeless battle and do not want to waste time, you can surrender by clicking the quit button icon (a flag). Surrendering has mostly the same effect as losing a battle.

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