Citizens' Rights are the basic rules for acting as a good Citizen for your Nation. They are decided by the local Governor. Successfully performing the related action grants Citizenship Points.

These rules are accompanied by the Laws, which forbid certain actions and can reduce Citizenship Points.


  • The current Rights can be found via the "Commmunity" Menu, and "Policy" submenu (Default shortcut "N").

Possible Rights

Conquest +50 Art. 77 of the Art of War
Conquering or Defending a territory earns you Citizenship Points.
Maintaining Order +10 Art. 17 of the Guardianship Code
Arresting an Outlaw earns you Citizenship Points.
Charity +10 Art. 30 of the Donor Code
Putting more than 100 Kamas into a receptacle
Militantism +10 Art. 29 of the Cowardly Code
Voting for the outgoing governor earns you Citizenship Points.
Devotion +3

Art. 2 of the Brownoze Code
Completing an action according to the Clan Members' wishes will earn you Citizenship Points.

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