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Cania Plains is a farming area led by Justice Knight. It also has monsters between level 20-30. The ecosystem has three conditions: Between 950 and 1580 crops, between 0 and 630 wild plants, and between 120 and 240 tofus. When one condition is met, Justice Knight gives no bonus. When two are met, he gives a +10% to fire damage. When all three are met, he gives a +20% to fire damage.


Clan Member

The Clan Member of Cania Plains is Justice Knight, who teaches the farmer profession.


Trees Crops Wild Plants Ore Shoals
Api Tree Wheat Ditsy Flower Bronze Nugget Crabby Anchovies
Birch Pumpkin Thistle (plant) Bright Copper
Barley Wild Mint Shadowy Cobalt
Tuberbulb Perfumed Clover


Locations of Interest

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