State Broke


Lvl. 1
This state doesn't stack

The target had just lost an item and is now broke: It doesn't have any more items to drop in the combat! However it can still drop things at the end of the battle.

Target is Broke! (No longer able to drop pouches)

Broke is a State, only caused by the Enutrof abilities Cutting, Rascalry, and Refinement and important for these same abilities, as well as Tax.


This state prevents a creature from dropping pouch objects in combat. Targets suffering from the state also take increased damage from Tax. This state can also be applied to player characters, but it will not cause any items to be lost or a bag to be dropped. It only affect the damage from Tax in this case.


Class Spell
EnutrofElement WaterSmallCutting
Element WaterSmallRascalry
Element WaterSmall Tax
Element WaterSmallRefinement