Osamodas Spell BoohowlBoohowl

Class: Osamodas
Unlock level: 10
Type: Attack/Buff

Element FireMedium
6 Action point

1-3 Range ModRange Icon

AoE:1 Cell Cross
"If your Summons are feeling under the weather, give them a nudge with Boohowl! A well-aimed Boohowl might even injure enemies at the same time as increasing your fuzzy friend's damage."


  • -6(154) HP Element FireSmall
  • On summon Icon Summon: +10(230)% Damage Element Physical


  • -9(231) HP Element FireSmall
  • On summon Icon Summon: +15(345)% Damage Element Physical

Spell Information

Boohowl is an Osamodas spell. A good damage spell that if cast on summon increase their damage by a percent, and also stacks. Effect ends when summon ends it's turn. This spell can only be cast in a straight line.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage64380117154
Critical Damage964120175231

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