Blood Red Amethyst
Lvl. 55

Miner's Harvest

Tradeable Icon
Blood Red Amethyst

"They say that this stone enhances creativity. That's probably why Iops have such a vivid imagination - they wear this amethyst all the time!"



Source: Blood Red Amethyst (rock)
Requires Miner level 55

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Bab Ydi Wand

Bab Ydi Wand

Long Distance Weapons Master


Emulsified Slobber Emulsified Slobber x62
Blood Red Amethyst Blood Red Amethyst x43
Hornbeam Plank Hornbeam Plank x25
Polturd Polturd x80
Ancestral Handle Ancestral Handle x45

Rokau's Club

Rokau's Club

Area of Effect Weapons Master


Smelly Ointment Smelly Ointment x35
25px Whispering Crackly Heart x48
Blood Red Amethyst Blood Red Amethyst x28
Whispered Metal Whispered Metal x3
Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood x55



Leather Dealer


Blood Red Amethyst Blood Red Amethyst x52
Spun Cotton Spun Cotton x47
Cadaverous Skin Cadaverous Skin x124
Borbat Wings Borbat Wings x4
Dazzling Dye Dazzling Dye x30

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