Blibli Leather
Lvl. 10

Trapper's Refinements

Tradeable Icon
Blibli Leather

"Blibli Leather is thick and solid, which is perfect for making hardwearing clothing with. Now you can roll in the mud like a big pig, without worrying about ruining your best suit!"

Use 3 Blibli skin at a Tanner's Workshop to make Blibli Leather.

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe



Leather Dealer


Blibli Hairs Blibli Hairs x21
Snout Snout x15
Blibli Leather Blibli Leather x14
Vulgar Dye Vulgar Dye x12

Discord Dagger

Discord Dagger

Close Combat Weapons Master


Raw Ingot Raw Ingot x15
Blibli Leather Blibli Leather x15
Apiwood Apiwood x18
Sham Pearl Sham Pearl x1

Littlest Pet Shed

Littlest Pet Shed



25px Kokosap x25
Blibli Leather Blibli Leather x15
Scales Scales x15
Basic Essence Basic Essence x5
Scara Wings Scara Wings x15

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