Temperature reaction
Temperature Hot 10° Temperature Extra Hot 20°
Temperature Happy -10° to 10°
Temperature Humid
Temperature Cold -20° Temperature Extra Cold 10°

Birch is a tree. Birch Trees have big white stripes on their branch and can be found in places like Amakna and Bonta.


A level 20 Lumberjack can collect:

Harvest Time to harvest
Birch Cutting Birch Cutting 3.0s
Birch Wood Birch Wood 3.0s
Relentless Birch Wood Relentless Birch Wood 3.0s


Birch can be found or planted in:


Location Chance to grow cuttings
Holey Forest (South area) 70%
Amakna Headquarters (Central area) 50%
Emelka 20%


Location Chance to grow cuttings
Kara 80%

Bonta Headquarters (Central area)

Thicket of Yurbut 20%

Cania Plains



Location Chance to grow cuttings
Mourning Wood 60%
Pabong Fields ?


Location Chance to grow cuttings
Turfo Canyon 80%

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