Hitting a target from the back or side results in a Backstab, which increases the damage dealt by the attacker.

Base Value

All fighters gain a 10% or 25% damage bonus for attacking from the side and back, this bonus can be modified with the Damage/Resistance from Behind characteristic.

Damage Calculation

  • Side attacks deal 10% extra damage with 0 Damage/Resistance from Behind.
  • Rear attacks deal 25% extra damage with 0 Damage/Resistance from Behind.
  • Equipment and skills that increase Damage/Resistance from Behind base value do not change damage linearly.
  • Instead, the extra damage is calculated with the following formulas:
Side attacks (in %): Damage = 10 + (10 * [Damage from Behind - Resistance from Behind]/ 100)
Rear attacks (in %): Damage = 25 + (25 * [Damage from Behind - Resistance from Behind] / 100)

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